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Congratulations Barry of Go Vita!

Congratulations Barry of Go Vita!

CONGRATULATIONS Barry Andrews of Go Vita!

Barry received the most prestigious award at the 2019 Go Vita Annual Conference: the Barrie Richards Memorial Award.

This is the natural health industry’s most prestigious award, recognising an individual who has shown outstanding passion, dedication and commitment to the natural health industry in Australia and truly embodies what it means to be a Go Vita retailer.

Barrie Richards who passed away in 2014, was a passionate devotee of Go Vita and this award pays testament to the man he was. Barrie was larger than life and a well-known identity in his local community. Barrie was a man of moral integrity, enormous strength, faultless loyalty and true grit. This award named in his honour, is as much about the recipient’s dedication and passion for the health industry as it is about the remarkable person they are!

Barry Andrews has served in the natural health industry for almost 40 years. He has contributed as a Naturopath, Sports Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist within his successful Perth-based clinics, truly helping and healing 100’s of patients over the years. Several travelling from interstate and overseas, as Barry’s reputation grew.

As Barry is nearing 70 years young, he no longer practices but now dedicates his time as a mentor, to many new and trainee Naturopaths who have become proteges within his group of shops and clinics. Whenever you visit one of his highly regarded stores, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits of Barry’s knowledge, through one of his carefully selected and trained staff members, even if you don’t get to chat to him in person.

Back in 2015, one of Barry’s stores was awarded Go Vita Retailer of the Year. Barry has always been a passionate support of the Go Vita group and has been responsible for members training and was an author of the private label Nutri-Vital training manual.

Barry has also given significantly to the community. Over the years, Barry has run seminars for community groups to help spread the word about natural health and inspire individuals to learn and understand the importance of supplementation and the significance of quality nutrition. In addition, sponsoring local sporting clubs and events has always been part of his commitment to community.

Something that inspires Barry more than anything and gives him his greatest reward, is working with talented sporting youths. He regularly gives substantial time and expert advice to young, aspiring and elite athletes, for no other reason but to give them their very best chance at success. From a legally blind Para-Olympian medal winner, to an elite cyclist and a Tokyo Olympic medal hopeful, Barry volunteers to help them not just reach but exceed their own potential.

Nowadays, Barry can be found on the shop floor, at one of his 4 stores, advising customers on smart nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle changes to help them be the best possible version of themselves.

Above all, Barry is a man of integrity and is a truly deserving recipient of this highly prestigious award!

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