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Frozen 2 Movie Review

Frozen 2 Movie Review

Full disclosure, I’m a mum of a toddler who loves princesses the most of all so I was determined to like this movie no matter what because I will be watching it on repeat when it comes out on DVD.

Saying that, I was totally surprised how amazing Frozen 2 was. I didn’t need to pretend to laugh or sit through awkward moments at all.

My daughter and I laughed at the same jokes, wondered at the same plot points and cheered as the characters made their way through the story line.

Frozen 2 wraps up some questions left in the original movie, and although there are some sad bits, it all works out in the end.

I didn’t want to do this on my first review, but I can’t help give Frozen 2 a 10/10!

Frozen 2

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