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Mindful Monday’s

Mindful Monday’s

The Poetry Project is back with Mindful Monday’s, a digital message of mindfulness delivered to shoppers who might be finding it hard adjusting to the new normal as restrictions ease over the next month.

The Poetry Project, a UK initiative from poet, author and project creator James McInerney, has moved online to spread messages of positivity to people feeling isolated in this time of social distancing.

The Poetry Project was first introduced to shoppers in WA in July last year with a series of printed posters with empowering messages displayed in the mall.

Shoppers were surprised and delighted when they read the messages, and we hope that Mindful Monday’s will help in the same way as we come back from some of the negative emotions that the Coronavirus may have bought up for those who are at risk.

“When you read something that you connect to, it means you are not alone in regards to the way that you feel and if you are not alone, life is more manageable on a daily basis.” Mr McInerney said.

Mr McInerney said the project aimed to use poetry to raise awareness of subjects like depression and mental health by helping those suffering.

“When I see people posting pictures on social media saying that the quotes made their day, it really makes the whole project worthwhile,” he said.


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